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POSH Training

Our POSH training dives deep into POSH legislation, educating employees on identifying and preventing harassment, alongside clear guidelines for incident reporting and resolution. Through interactive scenarios and real-life case studies, it emphasizes the importance of maintaining a respectful workplace culture.

Empower your workforce with the essential knowledge and strategies needed to adhere to exemplary workplace conduct and compliance standards.

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Unconscious Bias

Our Unconscious Bias course meticulously unpacks the subtle yet impactful ways biases shape our workplace interactions and decisions. Starting with an insightful Introduction, it navigates through various biases including Affinity/Similarity, Gender, Conformity, Confirmation, Age, and Proximity biases, before wrapping up with a comprehensive Conclusion. Through engaging interactive scenarios and reflective case studies, this course illuminates the often-invisible influences of unconscious bias.

Empower your team with the critical awareness and tools needed to foster a more inclusive, equitable, and productive workplace environment.


Information Security

Dive into the critical world of Information Security (InfoSec) with our comprehensive course, covering Key Terms and Core Objectives essential for safeguarding digital assets. From understanding Phishing scams to implementing effective Data Classification and recognizing Threats posed by accidental errors or Deliberate threats, this course is a must for any digital-age professional. It also delves into protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII), rounding off with a Post-assessment to evaluate learner understanding. Interactive scenarios and practical tips empower employees to fortify their information security practices, crucial for personal and organizational security.


Insider trading

The Insider Trading course demystifies the complex world of financial regulations, starting with an Introduction to important terminologies and the essentials of Insider Trading. It emphasizes the Need and Importance of Preventing Insider Trading, outlines Restrictions on Communication & Trading by insiders, and presents Best Practices to prevent such illegal activities. Designed for financial professionals and corporate employees, this course combines clear explanations with actionable guidance, ensuring learners understand their roles in maintaining market integrity and the confidentiality of Unpublished Price Sensitive Information (UPSI).


Psychological Safety

Explore the essence of Psychological Safety within teams and organizations with this comprehensive course. Beginning with an introduction to Psychological Safety, the course progresses through key areas such as Communication, handling Conflict, fostering Innovation, and improving Retention, concluding with a reflective Closure. This course is designed to cultivate an environment where team members feel valued and safe to express their ideas, leading to enhanced innovation and employee retention.


Conflict Management

Navigate the complexities of workplace conflicts with our Conflict Management course. Understand the Effects of Conflict, delve into the Types of Conflict, and explore various Conflict Handling Styles. Learn actionable Steps to Resolve Workplace Conflicts, culminating in a Final Assessment to solidify your conflict resolution skills. This course arms you with the tools to maintain harmony and productivity in the workplace.


Communication Skills

Elevate your Communication Skills through a course designed to enhance interpersonal interactions. From exploring various Listening Styles and Effective Communication techniques to understanding the Shortcomings of Poor Communication, this course covers it all. Dive into the nuances of Body Language, Tone, and Pitch, the use of different Communication Channels, and overcoming Barriers to Effective Communication, empowering you with the skills to communicate clearly and effectively in any situation.


Email Etiquette

Master the art of digital communication with our Email Etiquette course. Learn about the Facts of Email, explore the Components of an Email, and discover strategies for Sending Effective Emails. With Email Best Practices, this course ensures your digital correspondence is professional, concise, and impactful, enhancing your professional communication skills.


Fire Safety

Our Fire Safety course offers essential knowledge and practices to ensure safety in the event of a fire. Understand the Fire Triangle, the Classes of Fire, and how to Prepare for a Fire Emergency. Learn what actions to take upon noticing a fire or hearing the fire alarm, considerations Before Fighting a Fire, and steps to follow After a Fire Emergency. The course also covers the Types of Fire Extinguishers, their use, and the importance of a Fire Audit, equipping you with the skills to act confidently and safely.


Emotional Intelligence

Dive into the essence of Emotional Intelligence (EI) with our course, starting with understanding emotions and EI itself. Through a Self-Awareness Test, identify your EI level, followed by an exploration of key domains and competencies critical for managing emotions effectively. Gain practical tips to enhance your EI, supplemented by enlightening flashcards on relevant stats and facts. Conclude with a Post-Assessment to track your progress. This concise yet comprehensive course equips you with the skills for improved empathy, self-regulation, and interpersonal success.


Org. Diversity & Intelligence

Embark on a journey to foster inclusivity and harness the benefits of diversity with our Organizational Diversity & Inclusion (ODIN) course. Starting with an introduction to the multifaceted nature of diversity, this course navigates through its types, the barriers that hinder it, and the transformative impact it can have on organizations. Learn to cultivate an inclusive atmosphere where every voice is valued, and discover effective strategies for resolving conflicts, enhancing teamwork, and driving innovation. This comprehensive course equips you with the knowledge and tools to build a more diverse, inclusive, and successful workplace.



Phishing attacks are the frontline of cyber threats in today’s digital world. Our Phishing Awareness Course is meticulously designed to arm you and your team with the knowledge and strategies to identify and avoid these deceptive cyberattacks. Through real-world examples, interactive simulations, and critical prevention techniques, learners will gain the skills necessary to protect personal and organizational data from the ever-evolving tactics of cybercriminals. Ensure your digital safety by becoming vigilant and informed with our comprehensive training.


Feedback Dynamics

This learning module on feedback dynamics covers a comprehensive range of topics related to feedback. It explains what effective feedback is and emphasizes its importance. The module also discusses how to give and receive feedback effectively and the role leaders and managers play in promoting a feedback-oriented culture. Additionally, it covers strategies for dealing with defensiveness when giving feedback, handling unfair or inaccurate feedback, and best practices for conducting feedback discussions in virtual environments.

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