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Featured Courses


Navigate Compliance with Confidence


Equip employees with crucial skills to identify and address sexual harassment, fostering a safe, respectful workplace environment.

Insider Trading

Learn the critical aspects of insider trading laws and compliance to maintain integrity and legality in financial practices.


Bolster defenses against cyber threats with training on recognizing and responding to phishing attempts to protect sensitive data.

Information Security

Strengthen data protection with comprehensive strategies on safeguarding sensitive information and preventing security breaches.

Fire Safety

Prepare employees with essential fire safety protocols, including prevention, emergency response, and proper extinguisher use.

Launch POSH Awareness Training today!

Empower and Protect: Our POSH Training Cultivates a Safe and Respectful Workplace for Everyone.


Embrace Diversity, Empower Everyone

Unconscious Bias

Discover the unseen impacts of unconscious bias on workplace dynamics with our course. Delve into biases like affinity, gender, and age, and learn to counteract them through interactive scenarios. Equip your team with the awareness to create a more inclusive and productive environment.

Organizational Diversity & Inclusion

Unlock the power of diversity and inclusion in your workplace with our ODIN course. Learn about different types of diversity, overcome barriers, and foster an inclusive culture that boosts innovation and teamwork through practical strategies and real-world applications.

Psychological Safety

Foster an environment where team members feel valued and safe to express ideas with our course on Psychological Safety. Dive into the essentials of communication, conflict management, innovation, and retention to enhance workplace culture and employee engagement.


Build Skills, Bridge Gaps

Conflict Management

Navigate and Resolve Workplace Disputes with Confidence through Our Expert Conflict Management Training

Communication Skills

Elevate Your Message: Enhance Interpersonal and Professional Communication Skills with Our Targeted Training.

Emotional Intelligence

Unlock the Power of Emotions: Elevate Your Emotional Intelligence for Personal and Professional Growth.

Email Etiquette & Best Practices

Master the Art of Professional Digital Communication with Our Comprehensive Email Etiquette Course

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we buy this course for our LMS?

Yes, our courses can be purchased and seamlessly integrated with your existing LMS, ensuring a smooth training experience for your team.

We don't have an LMS. Where do we access the course?

No worries! You can access our courses through Aktrea’s feature-rich LMS, designed to provide an engaging and efficient learning experience.

Is the course customizable?

Absolutely. While most of our clients find the standard course meets their needs, we offer customization options, including tailored certificates, adding Internal Committee details, acknowledging company-specific policies, and more, to fully align with your organization’s requirements.

How do we monitor progress?

Our LMS includes comprehensive tracking and reporting tools that allow you to monitor user progress, ensuring everyone is on track with their training.

Will our users get reminders for completion?

Yes, our system automatically sends reminders to ensure your users complete their training on time, keeping everyone compliant and informed.

What about certificates?

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, users will receive certificates, providing tangible recognition of their learning and commitment to maintaining a safe workplace.

Join the learning revolution and discover the power of immersive experiences with Aktrea. Let us help you take your training solutions to the next level – because at Aktrea, we’re redefining what it means to learn.