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Here are the main factors that influence the cost of a custom learning solution:

Factors impacting cost

  • Training Duration
  • Content Readiness
  • Complexity of the Learning Experience
  • Multimedia and Interactive Features
  • Project Timeline

Creating a custom learning solution can be a significant investment, but the costs can vary depending on several key factors. As you explore options for your organization’s training and development needs, it’s important to understand what elements can impact the overall price tag.

Training Duration

The length of the training program is a primary driver of costs. Longer courses require more development time, more subject matter expertise, and potentially more multimedia elements. In general, the more seat time or learner engagement time in the course, the higher the development costs will be. However, this isn’t a linear relationship – a 30-minute course doesn’t necessarily cost half as much as a 60-minute course. There are fixed costs associated with any custom build that have to be accounted for.

Content Readiness

How prepared and organized your existing training content is can greatly impact the cost. If you already have a well-structured storyboard, clear learning objectives, and all the necessary source materials, the development team can hit the ground running. On the other hand, if the content is scattered or still needs to be created from scratch, that will require more time and effort upfront, driving up the overall price.

Complexity of the Learning Experience

The more complex and interactive the desired learning experience, the higher the costs will be. Highly immersive, game-based learning or branching scenarios require significantly more development resources than a simple slide-based eLearning module. The specific instructional design, assessment types, and technological elements you want to incorporate will all factor into the complexity.

Multimedia and Interactive Features

Multimedia assets like videos, animations, and simulations add tremendous value to the learning experience, but they also increase development costs. The more multimedia and interactive elements included, the higher the price tag. Things like voiceovers, custom illustrations, and complex knowledge checks or branching scenarios require specialized expertise and tools that drive up the project expenses.

Project Timeline

Finally, the timeline for developing and deploying the custom learning solution can influence the costs. Tighter deadlines may require the vendor to dedicate more resources or work overtime, which translates to higher fees. Conversely, a more flexible timeline can allow for a more streamlined, cost-effective development process.