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LMS Features

Mobile Friendly

Allows learners to access courses and materials on any device, ensuring flexibility and convenience for learning anytime, anywhere.


Provides streamlined and visually appealing dashboards for effective user management, giving both administrators and learners insights into progress and activities.

Collaboration Tools

Encourages interaction among learners through forums, wikis, blogs, and group activities, essential for a collaborative learning environment.

Training Calendar

Features a built-in calendar to help users stay organized, displaying upcoming courses, deadlines, and important dates for better planning and progress tracking.

Reminder Automation

Sends timely reminders to learners to improve course completion rates, ensuring they stay engaged and on track.

Report Automation

Delivers comprehensive reports on learners' progress and performance directly to your inbox, enabling targeted support and informed decision-making.

Knowledge Base

Provides quick and efficient access to necessary resources, enabling learners to find what they need without the hassle, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Admin Training

Offers in-depth training for administrators on managing the LMS effectively, maximizing its capabilities and ensuring smooth operation.


Customizes the LMS with your organization's branding for a consistent and professional appearance across training materials.


Facilitates hosting of your LMS on a chosen sub-domain, aligning with your organizational branding and simplifying access for users.


Ensures dedicated support is available on weekdays to assist with any technical issues or questions, maintaining seamless operation and user satisfaction.


Empowers administrators with data analytics tools to gain insights into learning patterns, engagement levels, and course effectiveness, driving continuous improvement.


300/ user / year

1. Product Training Creation

2. Other Content Conversion Services

3. Authoring

4. Mobile App